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In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. ~Aaron Rose

Lighting Design is our specialty

Our clients have a vision for what their home might look like if it were illuminated at night. Our team has the knowledge, skills and tools to turn that vision into a reality. When both come together, wonderful lighting systems are designed, created, installed and relished.

Consider “coming together” with a Naturescape lighting team member to explore the awesome brilliance that you can enjoy by learning about what landscape lighting can do for your home. Please check out the pages on this site for examples of what some of our satisfied homeowners experience every evening.

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Driving down a neighborhood street at night, it’s not unusual to notice how beautiful and attractive that the homes with landscape lighting are. Even the most mundane houses can look spectacular in the evening when there are a few lights highlighting its architecture, garden and or trees. But trying to imagine that look on someone’s own home can be quite difficult without actually investing in a lighting system.

To solve that problem, the Naturescape lighting team can set up a demonstration kit that gives our customers a chance to see what their residence looks like bathed in lighting from a variety of fixtures, bulbs and colors. There’s no obligation to purchase a system – just contact our office via email at to set up an evening or two to use our demonstration kit (dates based on availability).

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