More Than Just Curb Appeal

Outdoor Lighting Adds Safety, Security

The days of a spotlight or two around the house to discourage intruders are disappearing. While using spots and/or motion detectors are still a valuable tool for home security, there are better options for integrating that lighting with attractive outdoor lighting that adds beauty to your home. Without outdoor lighting at night, homes can all look the same, whether they’re mansions or shacks. You can see the driveway, maybe the address on the mailbox, but that’s about it. Landscape lighting enhances safety and security while making your curb appeal a thousand times better.

An attractive outdoor lighting arrangement not only enhances the look of your home, but it also presents more risk to an intruder by making them more visible – which may be all it takes to motivate them to choose a target elsewhere. Consider these options for more subtle lighting to make your residence more safe and secure.

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You can eliminate some of the dark hiding spots around your home by using up-lights on different parts of your landscape, such as underneath some of your larger trees and specimen plants. Not only do these lights help highlight some of your landscape features, but they reduce the amount of spots and motions sensors needed in a more subtle, yet secure way.


Path lights

Accenting your walkway and driveway with path lights is a smart addition to your home. They can highlight stepping stones, pavement and passageways and provide safety for you, your family and friends to walk on in the dark. At the same time, they’ll allow you to see if anyone unexpected is walking toward your home as well.


Accent Lights

Lighting key architectural features such as columns or dormers or backyard highlights such as fountains and patios will show off your residence, while giving it a safe and inviting look for guests and family alike.

These are just a few examples of how outdoor lighting can go above and beyond ordinary home enhancements to add additional measures of security. Of course, a good interior lighting plan is necessary as well, so don’t overlook that! But when setting up and designing an outdoor system, consideration to these additional safety factors and features should be included in the process.

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