Proper Irrigation Management


You have invested in an irrigation system to maintain and protect the health of your lawn and landscape. Proper irrigation management and maintenance now plays a vital role. The balance between conservation and providing the appropriate amount of water in the right way for healthy plant growth should be the goal of your irrigation management program.

Making sure that the system has a thorough check-up in the spring is the start of your yearly maintenance program. Obvious repair issues such as broken pipes and sprinkler heads should be quickly addressed as well as sprinkler head adjustments. Misdirected sprinkler heads can waste water and add costs to your water bill. Scheduling your irrigation controller is of the utmost importance. Individual zone watering times should be set according to their unique environmental conditions based on plant and soil types, sun or shade exposures, and topography. Accounting for seasonal temperature variations is also an important factor. Under-watering and over-watering contribute to various turf and plant diseases as well as pest problems. Rain sensors should also be tested to make sure the system does not operate while it is raining.

Since irrigation systems run primarily during the early morning hours, irrigation related problems may not be evident until it is too late. Common indicators may include brown patches, wet spots and plant wilt. Checking your system on a regular basis will ensure that sprinklers are in proper working order. It is important to consider changes in the irrigation system that may be necessary as your landscape matures and changes.

As the season comes to a close the correct winterization of the system can greatly reduce potential costly damage to the system. Proper evacuation of all water within the system with compressed air will prevent any freeze damage to the piping and valves. The RPZ (Reduced Pressure Vacuum Breaker) also needs to be properly winterized and stored in a heated environment.

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