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Regional Water Restrictions

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Watering restrictions in the Chicagoland area are quite common. Numerous variables have an impact on the range of restrictions from town to town, their times and frequencies. To assist our customers in locating these, we have listed restrictions within certain counties and municipalities below; may of the listings are links that offer real time restrictions from the town’s website.

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Outside Watering Restrictions
Outside water usage is restricted by ordinance from May 15th to September 15th each year to protect community water supplies during the high-usage summer months. Watering is allowed on odd or even calendar days, depending on your address, and is only allowed before 10:00 AM or after 6:00 PM on those days. This includes grass or landscape watering, car washing and filling swimming pools. Landscape watering with a hand-held device (hand-held hose, watering can or bucket) is allowed at any time. Residents with newly seeded or sodded yards may water for 14 consecutive days between the hours of 6:00 PM and 10:00 AM.

Under severe weather conditions additional restrictions may be imposed on a temporary basis. Residents with private wells are not subject to these restrictions, but we encourage responsible use of non-essential water when conditions cause the water table to be low.

Household Water Consumption
The guides listed below contain helpful information about household water consumption, both indoor and outdoor, as well as water conservation tips. Use this knowledge to verify that your home is leak free and start conserving water in your daily activities.

Water Resources in Lake County
Visit Sustainable Lake County for more helpful conservation tips, as well as details about the current state of Lake County's water supply and news about ongoing efforts to protect our natural resources.

Water Restrictions for Chicagoland Area Municipalities:

Are there any watering restrictions in summer?
Times best to water are from 8 p.m. to 10 a.m., and between the first Sunday of April until the last Sunday of October. Watering is allowed based on odd-even addresses, i.e., addresses ending in even numbers may water on even-numbered calendar days.

Water Conservation Status (Outdoor)
The water conservation status regulates the use of outside water for the purposes of watering landscape material. Watering is strictly enforced in Algonquin.

The current status is "Conservation" which indicates outside water use is permitted except for watering landscaping and lawns, which is prohibited between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

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Lawn and garden watering hours are Monday - Sunday, 8 am - Noon and 7-9 pm.

Watering Restrictions
The Water Conservation Ordinance provisions, which are in effect each year starting May 15, are intended to maximize the benefits of summer water usage while encouraging water conservation.

From May 15 until September 15, residents with odd numbered street addresses should water their lawns, gardens, and landscape on odd numbered days and residents with even numbered street addresses may water on even numbered days of the month. However, sprinkling is prohibited on all days between noon and 6 p.m.

Seed / sod permits will be available again this year for residents who wish to over seed an existing lawn or are placing sod.

For more information, call the Public Works Department at 847-459-2545.

Resources: How much water does my lawn need?

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There are no watering restrictions currently in place. The Village encourages proper water conservation from its residents. Please only water lawns or gardens during the early morning or late evening hours when temperatures are appropriate. Watering your landscaping during the peak of the day is not effective and is wasteful.

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Current Water Restrictions
There are no restrictions on weekends and holidays, however water should always be used sensibly to avoid waste. Watering in the early morning or evening benefits your lawn most because less water is lost to evaporation at these times. Taller grass withstands heat better and requires less watering.

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Current Water System Status
YELLOW – Lawn and landscape watering is permitted on odd/even days between the hours of 5-8 a.m. and 6-9 p.m. Property addresses ending in odd numbers shall be permitted to use water on odd numbered calendar days and even numbered addresses on even numbered days.

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Restricted sprinkling begins on May 15 and goes until September 15 each year. During the restricted sprinkling even numbered addresses can water on even numbered days and odd numbered address can water on odd numbered days. On the designated sprinkling day you can sprinkle from midnight to noon, and then from 6 p.m. to midnight. There is no sprinkling allowed from noon to 6 p.m. Any violation of sprinkling will result in a $25.00 fine for residential addresses, and a $100.00 fine for businesses.

Permitted Watering Schedule - Sprinkling is permitted as follows:

Even-Numbered Addresses:

  • 8:00 pm Monday - 8:00 am Tuesday
  • 8:00 pm Wednesday - 8:00 am Thursday
  • 8:00 pm Friday - 8:00 am Saturday

Odd-Numbered Addresses:

  • 8:00 pm Tuesday - 8:00 am Wednesday
  • 8:00 pm Thursday - 8:00 am Friday
  • 8:00 pm Saturday - 8:00 am Sunday

During an extreme circumstance, as determined by the City Manager, no water from the City mains shall be used for any purpose outside a residence, business, or other building within the City.

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Watering restrictions are needed to ensure that we have a sufficient water reserve for fire protection and consistent water pressure for residents.

Signs have been placed throughout the Village announcing watering restrictions to help residents determine which phase is in effect.

In the event restrictions are in place, here's what the colors mean:

Blue -Unrestricted watering
Yellow- Even/odd days based on your address, no restrictions as to hours or watering.
Orange- Even/odd restrictions limiting watering from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Red- Watering of any lawn is strictly prohibited.

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From May 15th to September 15th each year from 12:01pm to 6:00pm, it is unlawful to engage in lawn sprinkling or other landscape use of water supplied from the Municipal water system.

It is unlawful for any person to use water between the hours of noon and 6:00 P.M. from May 15 to September 15 of each year, for the sprinkling, watering or irrigation of shrubbery, trees, grass, plants, or any other vegetation. Newly installed lawns are exempt provided that a watering permit has been issued by the department of public works. There is no fee for the permit and the permit shall be displayed and visible from the street.

Water Sprinkling Restrictions in Effect
Please remember that the Village imposes restrictions on lawn sprinkling from May 15 through September 15. Sprinkling is only allowed between 5 a.m.-11 a.m. and 6 p.m.-11 p.m. In addition, automatic sprinkling may not occur on consecutive days. If your address ends in an odd number, sprinkling will be allowed on odd numbered days. If your address ends in an even number, sprinkling will be allowed on even numbered days. These restrictions apply to all properties (residential, commercial and industrial) on a daily basis. The hours of permitted sprinkling occur during the cooler parts of the day when evaporation is minimized. These restrictions do not apply to hand-held sprinkling hoses or newly planted sod or seed.

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In order to conserve a precious resource (also keeps your water bills lower) there is a restriction on lawn sprinkling. From May 15 to September 15 each year, no lawn sprinkling is permitted between the hours of 10am and 4pm. This restriction does not apply to plantings or new sod, but is enforced by the issuance of tickets for violations.

In order to ensure an ample supply of water during the peak demand summer months, watering lawns is prohibited between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM every day from May 15 until September 15. Recreational uses of outdoor water, such as filling of swimming pools and use of water toys, are permitted unless otherwise stated by seasonal water restrictions.

The Illinois Department of Transportation / Division of Water Resources requires communities using Lake Michigan water to enforce conservation measures.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. If you have any questions regarding water restrictions, please contact the Village of Palatine utility billing department at (847) 359-9082.

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Outdoor water restrictions are in effect from May 15 through September 15. Residents may use water outdoors only on even or odd-numbered calendar days, corresponding with the last digit of their house number. Zero is considered an even number. Outdoor water use includes use on lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs and for washing vehicles.

A special permit for watering newly installed sod, valid for two weeks, can be obtained at the Public Work Department at City Hall. Call 847-318-5228 for more information.

The City Code 13.16.205 establishes regulations for outdoor water use from May 1 through August 31. Even-numbered addresses may water on even-numbered days, from 12 midnight to 9 a.m., and 6 to 10 p.m. Odd-numbered addresses may water on odd-numbered days during the same times. Sprinkling is prohibited citywide 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

These restrictions apply to the use of automatic devices used to spray or irrigate lawns, gardens, trees or shrubs, such as irrigations systems and lawn sprinklers. Hand-held hoses and drip type irrigation watering devices are permitted any day, at any time of the day, for washing cars, watering flowers/trees/gardens/lawns, and filling wading pools under 50 gallons.

New lawns require special care until they are established. Homeowners must apply for a Sod Laying and Seeded Lawn Installation Permit for all newly seeded/sodded lawns. The permit allows the homeowner to use an automatic sprinkling device for 8 hours on the first day and extends the allowable watering times for the next consecutive nine days.

Hours for sprinkling are 12 midnight to 9 a.m., and 6 to 10 p.m.

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Residents with odd number street addresses shall be permitted to sprinkle only on odd numbered days of the month. Residents with even numbered street addresses shall be permitted to sprinkle only on even numbered days of the month. Outside water usage restrictions and sprinkling bans may be instituted by the Public Works Director at any time. Residents are notified through area newspapers, Police Department or Cable Channels.

Non-essential water use (such as lawn sprinkling) is prohibited between 12:00pm and 6:00pm from May 15 through September 15. Your cooperation ensures an adequate supply to all water customers.

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Lawn sprinkling is not permitted between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday during the period of May 15 to September 15. Hand watering of gardens, trees, shrubs, and flowers is permitted only with buckets/sprinkling cans.

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In compliance with regulations established by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for allocation of Lake Michigan water, the Village was required to adopt water conservation measures. From May 15 to September 15, residents may water their lawns between the hours of 5 and 11 a.m. and 5 and 11 p.m. Subject to the prior approval of the Water & Electric Department Director, a one day exception to the above sprinkling restrictions may be granted for the annual activation or repair of a sprinkler system. Similarly, a two-week exception may be granted for newly sodded or seeded lawns. Call 847-716-3558 for more information, or email: [email protected]

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